Whether or not you are artistic, but would love to create greeting cards with colourful images, you will be delighted with the immediate results that can be achieved with Stamping. Even a creatively challenged person can add a Stamp to paper and produce the beginnings of a great handmade card. Follow this by adding a sentiment and attaching some Embellishments and voila – a greeting card!

Here’s some helpful information to help you decide which style suits you best:

Although Cling Stamps have been in production for several years now, they are the newest of the three concepts in the stamping world. The first being the Rubber Stamp, which is a design that has been deeply etched into red rubber and mounted on a wood block. These are long lasting and give quality impressions. Next came the Clear Stamps, constructed of photo polymer and sometimes vinyl. Clear Stamps are see through, making them easy to use when positioning on your project.

Cling Stamps are a combination of Rubber Stamps and Clear Stamps. Typically made from red rubber with a foam backing, Cling and clear stamps are space-saving unmounted stamps that stick to Acrylic Blocks -- no adhesive is required. So you can attach and remove them as many times as you like. What's more, a copy of the stamp design is printed on the foam back, which allows you to see it through the acrylic block to line up your stamp accurately.

Another benefit of Cling and clear unmounted stamps is they are not very thick, so less storage space is needed than the traditional wood mounted rubber stamps.

Regardless of the style of stamps you use, all stamps should be cleaned after every use with water or a Stamp Cleaner.